Below are a few things that clients that Bret or an agent acting on behalf of Unique Perspective Metaohyiscal have had to say.

If you would like to add your feedback about a recent interaction or service provided by Unique Perspective Metaphyiscal or an affiliate please feel free to add it to the comments section below and it will be used in shows, on the website and as it is deemed fit. Anything provided be kept with myself or UPM no information will be sold, used or traded for any other purpose than described above. Period Bret himself guarantees it.


I have struggled for over 20 years with a very complex and harmful paranormal situation, a situation that no one could understand. I was getting to the end of my rope and was ready to give up. To give up not only on the paranormal situation but life itself. In one last effort for answers I posted what was happening in an online group. Bret very quickly responded to my post; he actually knew what was going on and immediately stepped up and offered his help. We began communicating privately and I was amazed at his professionalism. He has consistently been respectful of me, my privacy, and my feelings. Where others have dismissed, ridiculed, and mocked Bret has taken the situation very seriously from our first communication. He has tirelessly used his unique abilities to analyze and delve deeply. He has made contact with my tormentors, found their agenda, and has shared this information with me. Bret has given me guidance, support, and advice that I had searched for and desperately needed for 20 years. He not only counseled me on what measures to take, what to expect, and how to proceed he also provided me with validation, comfort, and support. He, his knowledge, dedication, compassion, and unique talents have saved me. Thanks to Bret years of pain, manipulation, and oppression are being halted. Whatever your psychic, paranormal, or metaphysical needs Bret is THE person to go to.

Sandy C P

New Mexico USA


Bret yacobucci knew nothing about me at all and his reading was SPOT ON!!!! Everything that’s been going on in my life for a couple years he knew and the solutions on how to better my life and get out of this rut. He is very kind and definitely helpful. I promise if you get a reading from him you will not be disappointed”

Roxy manners

Pennsylvania USA


“Thank you for coming to the house to be the center of my party! I for one am amazed at your abilities and thank you for assisting me on my journey. You were spot on with my first reading which in turn helped me realize what was going on with me and that I wasn’t going crazy. I am so very grateful that I have met you my friend and look forward to our visits in the future.”

Joyce Arrand

Kerwood, Ontario





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