Interested in what a talisman is? Well they come in many forms. Paper, wood, stone, bone, metal. Anything can be made into a talisman. It also does not need to be of any specific set of symbols. It can be just about anything. That being said I personally use wood as my medium and runes for my symbols of power. I make general talisman that examples of and the purposes of can be seen or a custom talisman suited to your needs.

I hand make every one, sanding, carving, painting and invoking is all my own work. No one helps me. This helps to ensure quality of construction, energy and runes going into them.

My generic runes are all flat rate. Once it gets into custom runes I try to keep it reasonable however if you want something for the whole house. It takes a much larger energy store and such to do so.

Below are examples of talismans and their purposes. Note pictures may not be best quality as low light conditions were present while photos were taken.

Warriors Spirit

“Warriors Spirit”- Red


No it’s not a negative rune it represents the sheer power to crash through any and all obstacles in your way. Tir is the staple rune which boasts power victory qualities in this set. Backed up by Siegel; using what resources you have to help over come adversity and challenges and Thuriaz to help ensure you are at the right place in the right time. All of this power and energy is tempered by Lagaz; to keep everything in check as to keep it all from overwhelming the bearer.

Warriors Patience

“Warriors Patience”- Red


This is a rune for those who are either hot headed or lack drive. Tir is the back bone as it represents overcoming challenges with ease and has been invoked so. It is tempered by Neid which intends to lend a stance similar to don’t rush into things and to help with personalities that are like that. Eolh also is hidden in there with its positive influences on the whole rune. Follow by lastly Eihwaz for protection from negative or harmful energies or intentions (self inflicted or otherwise).

Skys the limit

“Sky’s the limit” – Green


This one is based off of Jera; which is a rune of hard work great rewards. Kenaz helps with keeping one self open and receptive to outside ideas and constructive energies. However with all the struggles you will face Nied will help guide you when to step back or when to push as it is invoked in such a way to promote having wisdom available and more accessible. Of course Wun Jo is thrown into the mix to help the outcome off all endeavors to have a positive experience.

Running Water

“Running water” – Blue


This is a relationship based rune. This rune helps to transform your energy and thought patterns to be adaptable like “Running water”. Its main rune is Mannez which has the intentions of aiding in repairing, boosting or creating new relationships even accepting help when you normally would not. Daeg has been invoked as well to help bolster Mannez in its effect. Gifu has presence as well in this to bring a positive light to all scenarios. Lastly Uruz has been invoked to help with mental resistance also to assist in bouncing back after any blow outs or arguments.

Owls Wisdom

“Owls Wisdom” – Red


This rune is for those that have a hard time being in crowds or talking in front of large groups. The base is Mannez which lends its energies of accepting or willingness to help others, followed by Daeg to help you overcome the internal struggles through slow and steady progress. Tir and Gifu lend there native energies of assured victory and a positive experience from any interaction regardless of face to face or in a large group. Lastly Lagaz to help gravitate the correct people in your life towards you who will help build you up. Not tear you down.

Old ways anew

“Old ways anew” – Green


Othel is the center piece of this complex bind rune. It lends its assistance in recalling efficient ways of doing tasks that normally are very cumbersome or mundane. It may even lend insight into past lives if a relationship is developed accordingly. Mannez supports Othel with bolstering the innate social skills we each have access to; that are imbedded in us. Daeg is called upon to assist with going no where but up. Sometime it may seem like your going no where but you are… Daeg will help with that. Gifu to help remain positive and see the lessons and outcome from your hard work.


“Lucky” – Blue colour


This talisman seeks to aid those who need a little help in most aspects of their lives. It however focuses on protection (Eihwaz rune) bolstered by Lagaz for guidance and boost to ones intuition. Gifu also help o ensure that a desirable outcome is obtained easier in all cases followed by Wunjo for a more positive circumstance.


“Journey” – Blue


A fairly simple yet powerful combination is used in this bind rune. The staple rune is Raihdo; It has been invoked in a way to enhance or help you through a journey of self discovery and adventure. Basically for the adventurous personality or travelling kind. Raihdo is complemented by Siegel which boast powerful qualities of overcoming challenges and being resourceful. Lagaz lends its assistance by boosting your intuition or psychic abilities to help listen to your guides and other energies. Lastly; Kenaz to help with remaining open to new experiences and embracing them whole heartedly.

Inherited Wisdom

“Inherited Wisdom” – Green


This complex bind rune calls on ones old strengths that were thought to be lost. Othel is the back bone of this rune. It is assisted by Gifu to help with remembering ones gifts and strengths which in turn is aided by Kenaz as it will help with remaining open to the old ways that worked that your guides may be passing to you. It is all topped off with Ing which ensures a positive support boost no matter the invocation.

Continued Growth

“Continued Growth” – Blue Colour


Continued growth rests on the back of Uruz which is a great resistance and recovery rune it is complimented by Daeg which aids in steady progress towards ones goals. These two are complemented by Tir and Lagaz. These two are in place to help with making wise decisions and help with overcoming obstacles. Of course topped off with Gifu to help ensure a positive “Gift” as the rune suggests.