Plane reading!

Reading Airplanes? What is this? I have not seen anything like this. So I went ahead and did it. Check out the video.


Also as a reminder. I do readings, reading parties, seminars both in your house or at a separate location.  Paranormal 101 and Astral healing techniques are the two seminars I run. In addition. Any of my American friends. I will be headed to Hinsdale New York for a public investigation along with Chuck Banks, Matthew Bennet and a few others that I do radio shows with! If you are in the area or attending I would be most open to chats and meet and greets.


Let me know! WIthout further adue. The video!

Plane reading!

New things on the Horizon

Hey everyone,

I got lots of new things to talk about and pass on. The video says it all. Check it out.


New things on the Horizon

Back into the swing of things! 

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to let everyone know how excited I am about what’s to come in the future. I am back up for readings, reading parties, my trinkets and talismans are in full swing and lastly my latest additions my rune sets. 

If you feel the need for some guidance from the spirit realm on current issues feel free to contact me and we will get it set up! 

Back into the swing of things! 

Rune sets, readings OH MY! Things are looking up here at UPM


Super excited to release rune sets! I have a very limited quantity of them ready as it stands! Best get them before they are gone. Follow the link for details. Not sure what they are? Click here.


I am also back into readings! Yes.. you heard right readings! I will be doing phone, online and face to face readings as of right now! Follow the above link for details about that as well. To purchase a set of runes or book a reading/healing session please do not hesitate to contact me.

Website and pricing has been overhauled as well to reflect the new direction I am going with UPM. Nothing but up! This train is not stopping for anyone.

Rune sets, readings OH MY! Things are looking up here at UPM

Runes runes runes!

Ever wanted your own custom set of rustic styled runes? Ever wanted to use an anceint technique to assist with divination, healing or protection… Well anything really? Look no further! I have sold two sets of runes already and I have two more available for sale right now! $100 plus shipping within Canada gets one of these unique hand crafted sets by a rune specialist. These sets and all sets produced are sold on a first come first served basis. I also.have a small selection of bag colours as well for the rune sets. 
Get yours today! is the easiest way to contact me. 
A dedicated page will be added in the coming couple of days to facilitate the passing of knowledge and a prime example of what these custom rustic runes look like! 

Runes runes runes!

Meditation video out!

Soon to follow will be a link in which you can purchase the audio for the youtube video that is contained here in. That will be following in next few days. Please bear with me.


Without further adue one of many hopefully videos in this same capacity.


Watch, listen, enjoy and relax!


ACE details!

Got final details regarding The Alien Cosmic Expo this year!

I will be speaking at approximately 10 am on friday June 23 2017. I will be speaking for 25 minutes give or take. Gonna start off with a bit about my first experience with ET then move onto a topic that will have to be left for conference. Its a tad controversial for this site to be mentioning loosely.

Here is a copy and paste from the ACE website (link here) . It has the ticket prices and the snip after that has the location and times for the show. As mentioned before the vendors area is open to the public free of charge however the speakers and Dr.Greers presentation are an additional charge on top of the ticket price.

June 23-25th, 2017
Toronto Airport, Crowne Plaza

ACE Ticketing

Tickets are $225.00 to attend the 3-day conference. Single day passes are available for

Friday: $125, Saturday: $150, Sunday: $125. Ticket prices will not increase.

Dr. Steven Greer’s documentary Unacknowledged and the Q & A afterwards is a separate purchase. The Workshop is also a separate purchase as per requested by Dr. Greer.


Here is the address.

The Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport


33 Carlson Court, Toronto ON – M9W 6H5, Canada

Hotel Front Desk: 1-416-6751234 Fax: 1-416-6753436

Here is the link to the schedule for the weekend.

I will be offering readings all weekend long- $60 for a 20 minute reading(subject to change)






Talismans- $20 each and of course a small assortment of stones as well.

Most importantly I will be available to discuss all things ET and Paranormal with any who are seeking guidance. I may even have a helper to assist if he can make it out. I  am ultimately there to offer unbiased support and answers to questions you may have. I have no judgement as I personally have undergone a great deal of judgement due to my involvement in this field.


Come out and check it out! It will be a good time if you can afford it of course!


ACE details!