Thank you for purchasing a energy, reading or remote work session. I will strive to get to the requests as they arise but wait times could be as much 72 hours before I can get to your request. If times are longer than that i will notify you if wait times are longer than normal.

If you have any specific question(s) that you would like address please don’t hesitate to contact me through my email:



Myself or any party/agent acting on behalf of Unique Perspective Metaphyiscal are not responsible for any actions, choices, results of choices or incidents that result from any service rendered. Any advice, guidance or energy work is very subjective and may or may not work depending on a number of different factors as well; any thing that is passed on is intended to be guidance and advice and is not replacement for sound medical, psychological and professional advice.  This is for entertainment or general guidance and should be treated as such.

I aim to help everyone but sometimes it just isn’t possible. I will inform you of correct actions if healing or cleansings are requested. If instructions are not followed in anything other than a reading I/we cannot guarantee results or outcomes.

Any service is designed to augment/compliment any existing forms of help you are currently receiving. Not replacing it.




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