At Unique Perspective Metaphyiscal we strive to provide a different experience to anyone looking for metaphysical services or solution and guidance. Below are the services I offer and the prices.

Face to face, email, facebook, internet and phone readings are the preferred methods. In person I now accept debit and all major credit cards as well.

Online payments are now being accepted through paypal. I will be invoicing you at time of reading or preferred method is payment before reading.

Mini reading (15 minutes approx)




Have one question that needs answered or just are not sure of something in your life? This price point if excellent as it offers enough of a glimpse to see what is going on.


Typically 1 tarot or rune cast –  $30



Full reading (30 minutes approx)




Need a more in depth look into things, a certain subject or situation? This choice offers a combination reading. 1 tarot spread to assist in defining the issue and 1 rune cast to further indentify the issue and how to embrace, avoid or weather the coming storm. Should time be enough some Q+A may be addressed as well.


Typically 1 tarot spread and 1 rune cast (interchangeable upon request) and usually a bit of time for questions, energy healing or minor protections (time permitting)



Reading parties are now available for booking at this time. Contact me to book the date if that is what you are looking for.






Have need of a symbol of power, protection or boost in your life? Bret creates custom talismans or has generic talismans ready to purchase. You could need a little help with protections from negative energies, healing, luck, wisdom, overcoming a certain challenge. Whatever the need is Bret should be able to accommodate your needs.

$20 + shipping (contact for details)

Check out the talisman page for more information regarding what they are and how they are made.


Our goal is to help you discover your path with minimal disruption from outside sources to allow you to find and experience it for yourself.


Cleansings, protections remote locations




Any of these services are on a per case basis for investments. The cleansings typically involve a full incense cleansing of the location, person or business followed by sealing of the property and identification of sources of future issues and how to prevent them. Stones, energy work, incense and rune work are all utilized in the process. average time is usually 2-4 hours. Truly needed cleansings or negotiations are usually cost of materials + 10%. To keep costs down for those who truly need it but may not have the funds at the time.

Starting from $150.


Protections are a little bit simpler but still require a lot of energy work, a walk through of the location to identify sources of energy, how to inhibit them, deal with or push them out and in most cases the majority of the material required to maintain protections will be provided.

$60 and up

Contact Bret directly should you require any of the above services as they require certain pre planning and materials before he get to the site or begins work on the case.


To book an appointment, ask questions or inquire about anything please send me an email


Instagram- UniquePerspective Metaphyiscal





Anything discussed while sessions are kept confidential and likewise anything that is said in a guidance capacity is just that guidance. Unique Perspective Metaphyiscal is not responsible for any action, consequence or path that is undertaken as a result. Any medical advice is not a substitute for sound advice from a doctor or licensed help. It is just that guidance and should be taken as such.


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