Runes… What are they? What their purpose? Why do I use them?



Runes… What are they? Whats there purpose?

Runes originate from ancient times. They were used by the shamans and religious leaders of the tribes and clans as a means to communicate with the gods themselves and receive guidance from the gods themselves. From my observations I have found that they could have been derived from things that the tribes of the time saw as natural patterns in the environment around them.

That being said the uses today to the skilled rune practitioner are virtually limitless. Like tarot they can be used in many ways. They can be used for divination, guidance, counsel, healing, protection, chakra balancing, offensive purposes(against negative energies).

One can also use them in talismans or charms as a means of bolstering a certain aspect that seems troubled or perhaps an area where concern has been expressed as an area of interest.

Each rune although the meanings may not be relevant to modern day society; they still serve a purpose. It does take a lot more intuition to properly use runes over tarot cards. I am not taking away from tarot however it is a different means of getting results or guidance.

Not matter the technique, tools or person the primary concern is that you the client are comfortable and happy with what is going on. After all; it is your future we are talking about right?