Mindfulness and living Show announcement!

Hey guys and giris!


Just wanted to pass some good news and information along regarding my first table for this year. It is at the Mindfulness and living show. Taking place at the Spice hall in Hamilton. I will be speaking a bit about neutral energy work at 1:30 give or take on the main stage on the second floor.


I was lucky enough to be invited to this show from the organizers. They are like minded and do enjoy attempting to make a positive change that everyone can enjoy and even better yet perceive. My table is on the main floor right by the entrance. You will not be able to miss me. I guess they want the loud ones where they will be ignored? Haha… just kidding. I love being where I will be located. It will be a great experience as I feel that public speaking about  neutral energy work is where my path is taking me amongst other things!! The links for the venue itself and the facebook page will be attached at the bottom of this post!


Oh did I mention this is a free/pay what you can event that has door prizes? It is shaping up to be a positive experience! Come on out April 9 2017 and check out myself and many other vendors/readers/ service providers that are all about a positive experience.


Mindfulness living show facebook

The Spice hall venue

I hope to see everyone out there… Don’t be a stranger and even if you don’t get a reading from me I have a few other friends there that will be more than happy to help out!

Mindfulness and living Show announcement!

Channeling explained

Ok, this is something that there is a lot of misconception. Using a new format based off of suggestions from ones I trust I attempted to explain it through this video! Check it out. As always if you would like me to touch on something feel free to contact me and I will gladly attempt to cover it.



Stones and reading video is up!

Hey guys! Below is the link to my newest video for this week!


Just a quick recap on stones and how they pertain to reading specifically.

Check it out!


Runes explained!

Hey guys(and girls)

Newest video up! Runes explained!


Like always if there is anything specific you would like to be covered let me know, I will do my best to make it happen!


Other big news at the end of Feb should the timing work out right! Stay tuned!



Reading series beginning.

Without further a due…

The long awaited reading series of videos have begun. Check it out! This is the first of 5 in fact. I am excited about the future events to come. Keep an eye out!

Reading series beginning.