Below are a list of great companies or individuals that have helped or supported myself, Unique perspective or both. Its worth while giving them a click and seeing what they have to offer.

South Hill designs – Natalie Labine

She sells great custom pieces of jewelry and Trinkets. Give her a check and see if she has anything of interest.

9th Vibration

This is a shop that has great things regarding anything spiritual. Singing bowls, runes, stones, tarot sets, incense. You name it they probably have it. They are located in downtown Guelph. I suggest you go and check them out.

Dani is the proud owner of everything Bamboo. Through her company they offer bath towels, sheets and clothing all made from bamboo fibers and they are reasonably priced as well. Give them a click to see what they have to offer and if they do not have it they will more than likely be getting it shortly.

Shelley’s Stone works

Shelly has many fine pieces of custom made jewelry that stands out with many various stones and crystals. That being said she has fair prices and good services. Check her out.

Kakatoosh Korner

A fine vendor of native based good. Everything from what you would expect to the unexpected. She travels around but she is based out of Shakespeare Ontario.


Black Cross Paranormal

A husband and wife team that investigate local and national historical sites and outdoor site. Met them while at Rose City Paracon and they are a hoot and great people as well. Give them a check out and perhaps if your in the New england area of the US you can join them.

Exie Susanne Smith

She is a talented energy reader, spiritual medium and author. She is located in the Windsor area I believe and she does a great job.