Runes… What are they? What their purpose? Why do I use them?




Runes were to believed to be originated from the early first century and they ran through many different updates, both in purpose and intentions. That being said they were most notoriously carried around by the Norse peoples. Followed closely by the roman and large european armies of that time period. They served as a means of communication, teaching, protections, healing and divination as they were believed by the Norse to have been passed down from Odin himself to the viking people as a means of talking to the gods in a time of need.

They have three main branches or alphabets if you will; Elder Futhark, Anglo Saxon and Young Futhark. My main focus is that of the Elder Futhark as that is the most longest running branch and the others are updates or modified for later time periods.

It was originally believed that the runes were strictly a communcation method of times of long past. Alas it has also been supported through many theories and findings all over Europe that runes actually truly do have a magical or metaphysical purpose. It is for this reason that many practitioners use them today. Mainly in the pagan community however many mainstream faiths use them just people don’t realize what they are. That being said they uses for them are virtually endless. The only limitation is that of ones imagination or willpower.

What are they really?

The answer to that question is truly a mystery to this day as there is really no one alive from the old times and we can only theorize that they are a set of symbols that are believed to have a set intentions or energies that have very powerful meanings for every aspect regardless of the rune. They can be adapted for use in charms, tools for divination, protections of ones well being, health, wealth or ones soul.

See the below for an example of what a rune or a set of runes look like.



As one can see it is a set of specific symbols that have a great meaning to the caster or reader as they are called. Bret a neutral energy worker uses a variation of the Elder Futhark. He has modified a couple of the runes to better suit his tastes however they still retain the original intentions and meanings. This is the wonderful thing of this tool in divination or inscriptions. It really doesn’t matter what medium is used; wood, stone, metal, paper, fabric etc. They all carry over. They can be made to make a quick charm on the spot, a permanent healing charm, protection ward, viewing globes or sphere; you name it can be done. Like it was said before the possibilities are only limited to ones own imagination.

Now that you have read this far whats the next step?

Well we can tell you that Bret produces only top quality rune sets in the Elder Futhark script. He uses wood as the primary medium and as you can guess they do not stay around long once they are produced. They are hand crafted with the utmost careand intentions that are neutral to anyone who purchases them and most of all he will provide you with any information about the runes, uses and history.

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