Techniques: Remote Viewing

I was having a conversation with a friend in the paranormal field recently and he brought up the topic of remote viewing, astral projecting or astral travel. They are all basically the same thing just different title. On the other side of that anyone can do what I do… all you need are a few things. What are they I will get into that shortly. My friend had some success with it however he wanted better results. I would like to think I can do it fairly well, I have had very good success in finding things, people, places or energies regardless of source. I usually draw them out as I found it’s easier to draw it out than write it down and describe it. I have tried both ways and both work just one is easier.


What is it? Remote viewing or astral projection? It is the belief that one may take one’s soul, consciousness or energies to remote locations by disconnecting it from one’s physical body. It is dangerous as a lot can happen while you are out floating around or remote viewing. As much fun as it is to do so one must take precautions to protect oneself from anything bad happening. Things that can happen include spirit attachement(positive or negative), oppression, getting attention of extradimensionals, walk ins and last but not least possession. Why is this one more important than the rest?


Basically while you are out floating around even with an anchor your physical body is basically an empty shell waiting for an energy(preferably your own) to use. This is why when even the most experienced astral projectors always have a ritual of protection and grounding. This is very important to ensure your own safety. PERIOD. Come to think of it there is a slight difference between what I call remote viewing and astral projection. In astral projection you completely leave your body with the exception of some sort of anchor(more on that later), when someone uses RV(remote view) the practitioner does not leave his/her physical self. They are completely aware of what is going on around their physical selves. They however may be using something that can be likened to a proxy server; they use an energy ball they created, a animal energy form etc to be their eyes and ears that do all the travelling. I believe that remote viewing is a bit safer however both projection and remote viewing are still dangerous.




I assume no responsibility if you decide to try this and harm comes to you. Do so AT YOUR OWN RISK. I am merely attempting to educate non energy individuals and energy work alike on the subject. There is more to it than what I have or will write about. This is to give the general idea and the basics only.


Anchors; they are important because if you do not have one you may very well not find your way back to this plane or worse yet your own corporeal form. Remember Inception the movie? They ended up needing to have a anchor to ensure they were in actually reality? Same kind thing applies, it could be a physical object, energy work of some kind or just about anything as long as it great personal meaning to you that no one else really knows about. Also like Inception those details can be used against you as well if the wrong parties found out.  Along with the anchors you must also be ready personally for such a journey. Not everyone is but with a bit of time and practice you can be projecting or remote viewing in no time.


What do I mean by being personally ready? Well your chakras must be balanced, you must be stress free, energies all centered and aligned, nothing going on in your head etc. Get the idea? You must be 100% committed to doing this is if you so decide to. For some it will come easier, others it will take years to barely make it out of your own body. These types of balances can be achieved by practicing meditation, use of stones, incense, binaural beats, exercise and worst case a bludgeoning on the head if you want to fast track. In all seriousness though it can be any combination of the above techniques that will work for you in your endeavor of this feat.




Next and last piece of the puzzle I am comfortable with sharing is you must be strong willed. While in other planes you will see, hear and experience things that will literally screw your mind up if you are not careful and blindly trust the first thing that you run into. Many I have taught how to do this have fallen prey to something while out there and I must admit even for me it’s a pain in the ass to clear something like that from someone that it hooks in so deep. You will be tested while doing this, beated, battered(energy wise) bruised, drained, followed basically all around F’d up in an effort by the entities in the other realms to dissuade you from doing it again until you prove to them that you can withstand the punishment then they will leave you alone… they may even help you… if your careful with your wording and etiquette towards the other energies. If you go that far that is.


I will leave you to figure out the rest, I may in the future go into the mechanics on how to actually do it. However like every big skill it will more than likely be taken advantage of by those who would seek to use it for their own means. This I do not agree with. Hence why I gave you the basics to start and if you can start from this then I may be able to help you with it afterall…


Even though I have mentioned all the things to watch out for it is a wonderous thing to be able to span entire galaxies in a blink of an eye, to go to any plane or dimension you wish at will. To help others find loved ones or items they found. “Time travel” in a sense can be achieved by these techniques as well…