Techniques: Remote viewing defensive measures

Last week I wrote to the basics on remote viewing and astral projection. I also explained the dangers associated with doing so. I must reiterate that I bear no responsibility if you had attempted it and anything that happens to you or your family is entirely on your own actions. That being said; today I am writing about how to better detect and defend or throw off remote viewers and astral projectors.


I have to say that in my experience that it is possible to hold them off, attack them or be aware of them regardless of source as everyone is basically an energy being just in corporeal form. However I will best try to describe how to cover your tracks so to speak and block them out as best you can. Yes I have had to nullify to date of this article 5 remote viewers due to the fact that they kept trying to affect change in my environment around me and my family/friends. I have one that currently that is respecting my wishes and thus I allow him to look from time to time. Never, never, never go on the offensive unless required in energy work and remote viewing and such; it will do nothing but cause an extreme amount of unnecessary stress and psychological damage that requires time and help to deal with and get out of your system. If you have a conscious that is.


Before I can go into defense though I have to explain why it works and then you may understand where I am coming from in how to defend against it. Everything is connected, through a universal energy, consciousness, intelligence, elements etc. Regardless of what you call it, God, Allah, Buddha, Universal consciousness, Prana, the force, Gaia, Goddess, Mother earth etc; is one in the same. It runs through all of us, living, dead(or what we perceive as), extra dimensional, ultra dimensional, Extraterrestrial, inanimate objects. The air, earth, water, fire, light, darkness and well just about everything even the fabric of time itself. It can be manipulated, viewed, utilized and felt. This is the basis for all my work, regardless of healing, offensive, defensive, remote viewing and detection. This is a hard concept to understand and most religions teach a singular view on that “God is everything and everywhere” but they leave it at that. What one needs to do is fully understand the gravity of that statement; truly understand that if you can grasp the concept it would throw out everything we have learned in school, life and experience. That is however for another article.


Being able to detect a RV (remote viewer) depends entirely on how centered and balanced you and your energies are. This is obviously a lot easier for energy worked but everyone can do what energy workers do with enough practice, meditation and willpower. Why entirely? Well you must be able to feel extremely subtle differences in the energy fields around you at all times and our bodies are walking antennas. If you listen to your body it will tell you when something is off energy field wise. It could be that “off” feeling, tingling on the skin, a jolt of energy up or down your back, headache, blurry vision etc. These are things that non energy workers would feel that I have seen on investigations and through experience, we feel these things too but we are well aware of them ahead of time so they do not surprise us as energy workers. Back on track. You must be aware of what things feel around you at all times. This also changes when people who are very negative or positive come near and leave your area. See the difficulty in this? Its not quite as easy as one would think. That being said with practice one learns to do it out of habit and it no longer drains your reserves and allows you to scan for other things.


Once you have gotten that part down(could take months or years) you can begin to feel the specific traits of the energies around you. This is where you find something that is not around you physically nor is it spirit energy as well but another human consciousness peering into your life and seeing what your seeing, feeling what your feeling and giving that information to someone else. What do I mean by all this, well once one gets versed in feeling the differences you can feel intent of others and that’s when you pick up anomalies like these. Some are harder to detect than other while some are like sledge hammers through brick walls… you know they are there and watching. These ones are not the dangerous kind; yes they will try to affect change but usually in an obvious way that even non energy workers can feel.


The subtle ones are the truly dangerous ones. Why do you ask? They can come and go as they please and don’t get detected while doing so. This is what makes them dangerous. They are like the professional burglar, they come and go from your house and you never know nothing is missing until you go to use it or look for it. They do the same thing. The current one I have I caught out of chance and he is a subtle one. He is now aware I know when he is looking in but he has yet to affect any change so push him back and leave it at that. I will not offer any more details on that as I believe I will be in enough trouble with this and my last article being up from them anyways.


What can non energy workers do to help protect themselves? First and foremost keep cool, do not panic. They are watching for a reason. Until you figure out that is(or you already know) then you can begin to shield that information they are looking for. Secondly you can keep useless information at the outer reaches of your mind as they will pick up on that first. Songs, poems, images of silly things you see on you tube, some of the WTF videos they all serve well as a source of this shielding; oh don’t forget to use some new trend pop songs as well that about all they are good for anyways.


You may also project as fog or haze around yourself as well. Yes non energy workers can project. We all can do it, we do it subconsciously most of the time. Negative self talk, belief that something is real, not real or belief that things are going to change are all projections that manifest in our environment as we will them into our reality. So a way you can do this is clearly picture a haze of fog around yourself, your energy and your home energy. This technique will force the person or agency to use people on the ground as eyes and ears after that but it acts as a bit of a deterrent to keep them from easily viewing you and your whereabouts. You have to believe that is there for it to work however like anything else if you don’t believe that it is there it will not work 100%. The human mind is a powerful tool if used correctly and not just for watching youtube and the kardashians or big brother.


There are other techniques as well, always thinking of different locations while you are physically somewhere else. That I find throws them off for a time until they track your energy but it buys you time until you can get to a location that has no identifying landmarks.


Keep in mind that they don’t just RV anyone they have to have a reason to spend that energy and time/effort to see what you are doing, seeing, hearing etc. For most you are safe but in the event that you feel you may be watched by RV’s then these are some of the techniques that you can use to throw them off and in essence piss them off or frustrate them and make you a harder target to get information out of.