Techniques: Positivity

What do I mean by being positive? Well it means in every way shape and form one is truly positive about everything in their lives. They look at the glass half full rather than half empty. Optimist? Perhaps, see the silver lining type person? Sure. All of these are aspects of being truly positive. When I think positivity I think about no matter what happens, I do not say “awww man that sucks… my life is over.” Hang my head low and focus every fiber of my being on what just happened when I fail, someone wrongs me or something bad happens.


I do however take stock of what happened yes, figure out where I went wrong and learn from it. Take the experience as learning, growth and overall positive experience. When someone wrongs me I feel sorry for them(if it was intentional) that they felt they needed to do it, I forgive them and see how I can help them get through whatever situation it is they are going through to help improve their own quality of life and general attitude. When something negative happens I look at the overall situation, find my error, others error and figure out the way it can be avoided next time with minimal upset. I do this all with a smile on my face, bounce in my step and a tune whistling out of my mouth while I work my way through it.


How does this pertain to the paranormal? It is quite simple actually from a paranormal investigator and neutral energy stand point. (I am neutral but I do not like negative things following me) Negative energy hides from positive energy. Balance must be maintained. For those that think that “Light” should prevail. You have a flawed view… everything needs an opposite, one of my favorite quotes I came across is this “The greater the light, the darker the shadow that light casts” Follow what I am saying? Negativity will never be completely wiped out. One will always be angering someone with what you are doing. Even theoretically if one was to wipe out the “Dark” completely then the light will become the new dark and something else will come along and become the new “light”. It is a vicious cycle of balance. All that one in my position can do is not work exclusively for one side and treat all the same regardless of source, race, creed, plane of existence, alignment, religion, age, gender etc. unless you give me a reason to treat you otherwise.

No matter what one does they will not be able to please everyone. Practices may pacify the people for a short period however in the long term you will have someone who is ballsy enough to rise up and stand against the old “light” with new “light” and attempt to over throw the leadership etc for their own gains. Hence balance must be maintained regardless…


Rant complete… ok now why does this work with negative energy? Well ever wanted to punch that guy who drinks no coffee but is always positive and bubbly at 6 am for seemingly no reason? Well think of negative energy as the person who wants to hit the positive energy. If you try the bubbly person will more than likely not hit but say “Its ok I understand that your miserable this morning… here have a toonie for coffee” That miserable person will either be more miserable because the positive guy didn’t give him the reaction he was looking for OR think hmmm… I tried to hurt him and he helped me instead? That one act may change very well change that person’s life even in the smallest way. Even a ripple becomes a tidal eventually is a saying I use all the time.  It may take some time however they will change at some point. In addition to being positive for paranormal purposes it has health benefits as well.


Some of said health benefits are but not limited to; less stress, overall mood turn around, being positive you help lose weight, boost your immune system and just in general be a more likable individual. One may also see the good out of a situation rather than look at the negative side of things. This alone has been the best thing that can happen to me since I have started this pattern of thought. Hands down; it makes things so much easier.