Techniques: Basic Protection Methods

I know in my last one I said I would talk more to the specific traits of elementals and such; however due to a recent case I just finished up I want to break that flow to stress the importance of protecting yourself from negative or harmful energy. Do we need to protect ourselves? Well walking through a war zone if you want to survive do you need something to fight back with? The answer should be simple enough but alas a good portion of investigators or people who deal with the paranormal do not have sufficient or any protections at all.


As an energy worker I use protection daily from negative energy. I call them barriers. Now that is my method of working. Everyone must find their own path but the method I use works well and with my techniques holds its own against the worse I have come up against still. However not everyone can feel and manipulate energy like a worker or medium. So I will provide some simple tips for everyone ranging from the “stompers”(you know who you are) to the demonologists out there.


First and most importantly; faith, when I say faith I do not mean carry a bible around and spurt bible verses at anything paranormal you may encounter.  What I mean is you have to have a solid belief system in place, something to fall back on to when you start getting the crap kicked out of you. It is inconsequential of the type of religion or lack there of. What matters is that one has a set of positive morale codes and stick to them; come hell or high water. It could be Christianity, Judiasism, Islam, Wicca, Buddha or as all religions teach have faith in yourself. I mean truly believe that you are who you are and nothing can shake you. Not only will it help when under attack from the negative energies regardless of source it will also help in daily life. You will have a purpose, sense of being and why you are on this earth in this corporeal form. What you hope to achieve while here and remember your past experiences etc.


Secondly and equally important; be legitimately positive. What do I mean by legitimately positive? Basically I mean you have to be positive right down to your core. Not just on the surface. Even if you are at war with yourself internally you must be positive to assist in defense of and overcoming incoming negative energy attacks and attachments. Ever wonder why the really grumpy people of this reality want to punch people who are positive and bubbly? Well in my experience negative energies behave for the most part in the same manner. If no matter what they do they don’t get a reaction out of you and you remain positive then why would they bother to try any further? This is equally as important as having faith. They are tied at the waist so to speak in one without the other is not a complete system.


The above mentioned points are primarily the front lines when dealing with negative energies and day to day negativity. That being said how can one actively protect oneself? There are as numerous ways of achieving this as there are stars.  I will attempt to explain a few for your general knowledge. First and more commonly misunderstood is the use of sage or incense in general. There is a misconception that is has been used exclusively by wiccans or witchcraft. This is not the case; it has been used by all religions and faiths since the dawn of time as a means to assist in divination, ceremony and cleansing. Any catholic priest will tell you the same answer. Its not just for wicca so if those who are hostile towards wicca regarding this point please think twice about the churches and ceremonies you attend and pay attention to the use of incense. They do however use it for a purpose, sage and my personal favorite Hogwartz( sage on steroids) work on the same theories that they make the environment so hostile towards negative energies that they do not want to stay around or attach to anyone or thing. To take it a step further while using incense if one really wants to cleanse the home themselves take up cleaning routines and put all your negativity into your actions. This will actually help cleanse any negative energies out of the house.


Following that I do have a personal talisman that I have on my person nearly all the time. This could be anything from a crucifix, runes, a piece of jewelry, a rabbits foot or just about anything that holds meaning for you and you can trust in the fact its got protective energies that will be willing to help in a time of need. For example I am a rune reader and use runes in my energy work as well, thus I spent the time and energy and created a complex bind rune talisman that encompasses no less than six different runes each with their own intentions and energies. It is one of my few different talismans. I do have several and each with its own purpose and I only use them for the intended purpose. If you cannot make one or don’t know where to begin you may pick premade ones from places like psychic fairs, wicca supply shops and sometime street vendors have great pieces too. The material should be of careful consideration as well. Each material has its properties that are tied to energy work and most non energy work individuals would not know the difference. Trust me when I say there is a difference in material and how it is used. Fruit tree, hematite and anything else earth based are my preferred materials as it ties very well with my inherent abilities.


The last way which may or may not be as well known to the general public is the use of crystals or stones as another way to bolster defenses and help boost certain aspects of one life. Being earth based(I use all elements equally but prefer earth energies) energies tuned this works extremely well with me. However I have toyed with people who are not an energy worker or sensitive in any way and they seem to help all around in general regardless of faith or personal attitude. Case in point, a family member used to call me crazy for doing what I have been doing for a few years now and “Stones and crystals don’t do anything… its all in your head” was this individual’s statement towards my approach for some time. Well after some guidance from outside sources this individual now wanders around with no less than four different crystals or stones on the person at once. This individual notices a difference and didn’t really know the meaning or purpose of the stones until after the fact and they indeed help in the areas that he needs help with. Which stones one would need are limitless in combination and that alone is another article for most to read as there are entire books dedicated to just that. Perhaps I will return to the stone question at a later point in time.


I can safely say that even though I mentioned a number of ways to help protect yourself from negative energies and attacks, there are far more techniques and methods that require the individual to come up with. I can tell you all of them until the cows come home however it ultimately falls on you to come up with your own system that you know you can trust and live by. Make it realistic and positive. Nothing is perfect, we are human and thus we will constantly be tweaking our beliefs and systems as the situation requires.