Light and dark

Today I would like to elaborate on a couple of subjects; A neutral view point on light and dark and a somewhat taboo topic of elementals and elemental energy. Why you may ask this topic as a second article? Well it kind of falls right in line with where I left off with my last article. I want to begin with the basics of definitions and such so that when I start into more complex subjects I have covered the basics of understanding. Here we go…


What does light and dark mean to a neutral energy worker? Personally I prefer the “light” as most energy workers default to. However in my experience I have had to deal with “Light” entities harassing or blocking/binding a individual that does not have a reason to. Hence my term neutral energy worker; I do not just say “Oh your negative… be gone!” No I take the time to listen, feel out the energy, grasp its personality and then when I have ascertained its true intentions and only then I make the call as to the correct course of action. In that scenario as much as it pains me I am forced to use “Dark” energy.


I use the terms “light” and “dark” loosely for ease of understanding. However when you break it down it all boils down to ones point of view. Ever hear the saying “There is his story, her story and somewhere in between lies the truth” Same kind of thinking applies. What a light worker may consider evil or dark, is a dark practitioners light. That same dark practitioner views his or her dark as light. Make sense? In short everything is a shade of grey.  Much like the Ying yang symbol; there is darkness in light and likewise there is light in darkness… One cannot know one without knowing the other.

So when dealing with a “dark energy” you can take the high road and say I am with the light. You are dark and don’t deserve to be here. Then proceed to banish or dissolve that energy. I prefer my method personally I would like to think it is a big part of our success at Projectsiriusckw paranormal.


With the black and white sorted out we can move onto a much more grey area and much talked about and discounted field. Taken mostly from wiccan practices are the beliefs in elemental energy. Those being earth, water, wind and fire; depending on the book, wiccan, personality or situation each has its uses. I have to make something clear. What I do is a combination of wiccan energy fundamentals, Taoism(tai chi), Buddhism energy theories and the theory of Zen and over all harmony with my environment. It is not any different than any other religion except I have done all the leg work and developed this. It is not black magic or anything of the like… However if you ask most western religions it falls right in that category. Most importantly I just listen to my surroundings and what they tell me. If everyone would stop and listen you would find our energies and physical selves are quite in tune naturally and these abilities do not require training or practice.


First element I want touch on is an element I am personally fond of… Earth. What is earth energy; I guess you could say its just a title for a specific type of energy but what isn’t? Its very stable, soothing, cool and a very reliable source. No matter where I am I can always draw from it and use it anyway it is required. No matter it be defending the team, remote viewing, healing or on occasion an offensive purpose. It is strong, protective and most importantly green light! Just kidding; in all seriousness it is by far the most abundant. It is not the strongest out the gate but it outlasts all the other elements in the long run. As does earth stand against all the other elements it stands the test of time. It however has its limitations.


Water; now that’s one that took me a while to understand how it works. However its general properties are generally very cool, life giving, healing, adaptable and yet all the positive aspects it can be very destructive and unrelenting at the same time. Dealing with water requires a certain mind set. I personally use it for healing or taming fire elementals and angry people. It is fluid(obviously); water takes on whatever form its vessel is. Thus if one chooses water(or the other way around) they must be just that; adaptable, quick to think, witty and a healer in general. This takes me to the opposite of water.


Fire… well when we think fire we think destruction and death but for a individual who can use all elements it’s an element of great creation and courage (there is that point of view thing again…). Fire generally is the fiercest of the elements, it comes in destroys everything in its wake but leaves a certain beauty to the right person that brings about new life and creation. You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet right? Fire is very fast acting, strong, quick and if not controlled consumes all in its path; including the user. Needless to say I use this element for self heating and in very limited doses. It’s a very tough one to control.


Worse yet there is wind. Long story short it is everything combined. It has traits of all the elements, its primary draw back is that it has no anchor. It is just there. I have only a basic understanding of it however I have enough to use it in fairly creative ways.