Classification: Spirits

This is the first of hopefully many articles I intend to publish and follow up on based on readers questions and comments. This article I intend to cover the basics of my unique perspective; which apparently is not all that common amongst energy workers and light workers. What makes me different one may ask? Lets start from the beginning. As I stated I have had the paranormal around me my whole life. It has both plagued me and blessed me at the same time, everything from your run of the mill spirit to extra dimensional and extraterrestrial entities(and everything in between). I will not go into detail about that as I have written about it extensively in previous writings.


Needless to say it has been a wild ride; everything I know I have learned by trial and error or experience(or remembered if you ask certain people). That being said I have a solid grip on the happens of the energy world partly in thanks to the local Cambridge shop “The Cat, Book and Candle”; the owner there Jodi has been instrumental in some things I would of banged my head against the wall until it bled. Another person to thank is my demonologist; Tony. Him and I started Projectsiriusckw Paranormal with our first walk using only my T4I in mid February of 2014. Also I would like to mention Adam; who is my human energy specialist and team medical expertise. Adam and I spent many hours figuring out the basis for who we are today. My team has grown since then to a group of six all gifted in our own rite.


We now deal with the worst of the worst in the most unsuspecting places. The organization encompasses my ideals I hold closest to my heart. Helping others who genuinely need it; what does that mean? We do not turn anyone away regardless of past or present situations, wealth(we offer our services all for free… including readings and guidance), location, living, dead… Well you get the idea. We help everyone who needs it… truly needs it; not who “just because” they want something. We have had a broad set of experiences, all documented through our video, audio and photo evidence. We are not out to prove anything… we are out to help others. End of story.


Without further adue; the main purpose of this series is to provide a neutral and unbiased point of view on anything paranormal. Hence why I have “neutral” in the title, I am an energy worker who works not only works with light but all elements. What are they? Earth, water, wind, fire, light(positivity), darkness(negativity), love, emotion, spirit etc. The list could go on however that is for another article if this goes that far. This article in particular I wanted to write about a different view on spirits.


What is a spirit? Well the generally accepted definition is an former shadow of a person who has passed, his or her energy that lingers in this world, a bit of energy left at a location(residual). Take your pick; each pertains to someone who has passed. The reason my organization has had as much success at removing and dealing with energies(notice I call them energies) is our great knowledge base of most things spiritual, demonology, psychology, military combat tactics(I will explain later), our willingness to help others, being gifted and most importantly we do not see spirits/demons/angels as dead. They are as much a living entity as you or I. That is a view not readily accepted by most.


Think about what modern science says when we die. What happens to our bodies? The electrical impulses cease to exist, neural pathways do not allow for signals to travel, our muscles stop working, bodily functions stop. Get my point? Basically all energy leaves the body and cells die. If you take the law of conservation of energy(however primitive our laws may be) it in essence states that “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, just changed forms”. So where does all that energy go from our bodies? We humans are walking electrical generators, our “soul” as some would call it where does it go? It has to go somewhere, we are a energy based being with a meat sack limiting what we can do.


May I suggest something crazy? If all people were to stop regarding “dead” people as dead and thinking of them as the thoughts, personality, wit, consciousness, deeds, name and energy of the person then what would happen then? I know it is a bit confusing however that is the basis of my unique view. Most times if one applies a bit of psychology to a angry energy and just takes the time to listen to what it has to say one would find that there is no need to banish, beat up or dissolve the energy. What happens when you are angry and no one listens? You just get more upset, more worked up and mull over it until it consumes you(in most cases). Now I have to say that sometimes the above mentioned practices must be exercised to ensure the safety of the client or yourself but the amount this must be done can be reduced significantly. I liken it to traditional police training versus the current thought. Talk to someone to calm them down versus tazer and use physical force. As an example, no offense to our police I know your job is tough and I appreciate all the hard work you fine ladies and gentlemen do.


The gist of what I am trying to hammer away at is that human based spirits that 99% of paranormal teams are looking for are basically what you were just no corporeal form, a higher vibrational being that most cannot see or interact with but they can interact with us. They retain all of what they learned in this life and previous ones they remember, they can move freely however most either don’t realize they no longer have a form we can interact with and continue to attempt to live a “normal” life with strangers in their homes, graves, places of employment and anything of the like. They themselves do not have that train of thought that they are in the form they are supposed to be in to actually affect change in the grand scheme of things both for better or the worse.


I personally use this point of view in my daily life. It holds true to just about everything that I have tested it against. Most are unaware they are being guided, by their own energy to follow old habits, fears, confidences or even occupations they have had in previous human forms(myself included). There is a physical aspect to it as well however that is the animal genes in us doing what they know how to do. Reproduce, fight, build, destroy and most importantly survive in this little piece energy that we call reality.


I really do hope that this outlook on the paranormal begins to take hold. It is partly why we do so well at locations if there is anything to be had. We do not treat it as it is past but as it is as alive as you and me. If I have not turned you away yet look forward to the next article soon.