Classification: Shadows and Elementals

Elementals, shadow people and shape shifters. All of the above are article worthy however I will attempt to give a general overview first then take it from there. It is important to note that I try to talk about subjects my team and I have first hand experience with. Yes indeed we have run into each of the above classes of energies. Each was as rewarding as it was a bit unnerving. Let just dive in head first…


Lets start everyone off easy; Shadows or Shadow people. Yes they exist. We have gotten them in evidence during investigations and we all see them on a daily basis, sometimes around a certain individual(s), just in a passing glance or standing there demanding your attention. The encounters I have had with them are varied in nature. Most people think they are inherently negative or “evil”. Most of the time yes this is the case however I have personally come across a few that when most passed them off as negative I dealt with them as all should. Respect, courtesy and dignity the information I received was awesome they then ceased the negative behavior or moved on completely.


We have also had extremely negative experience to boot. I can understand how to a non energy worker how it can come across as aggressive or negative. Our experience in the tunnel located in the Niagara region proved that. The entity did not want us there meanwhile we had lit a couple candles to remember the brave fire fighters who gave their life in rescue attempts all that long ago and it was playing with us. The exact origins are yet to be ascertained as we will return to deal with them but that’s not for this article. Yes they normally are aggressive and mainly feed off the fear of those they are trying to intimidate, scare, make a point to and just be a pain in the ass generally, They do on occasion make the effort to grab, push, move things and be physically make themselves known. This in itself can be frightening to someone who is not accustomed to incidents of attention or aggression.


Who or what are they? Well that’s a tough one to answer. I guess it could simply put be this answer. Shadow people are energies generally negative in nature that take pleasure in scaring, tormenting, haunting people they are attached to that they are inhabiting. They are said to be shadows of really negative, sick, twisted or murderous person. They are generally negative. Wait I always say that everything is a shade of grey. Yes; yes. Everything is indeed a shade of grey. Thus the fact that even thought he vast majority of them are negative that does not mean that everyone is…. Just because we are a nation of conflict we do not paint all Canadians the same… what is the difference with shadow people then? Like anyone else they need their stories told, emotions dealt with and just be genuinely acknowledged. I have had the unique experience having a back and forth with one in particular that claims to be a sixty thousand year old(approximately) shadow person that keeps jumping human body to body. He goes by the name Omen. He is doing his part to try and help to educate people now. His motive is suspect to me however I merit him for doing what he is doing regardless of intent or purpose.


Now to the next class I enjoy dealing with due to the volatile nature. Shape shifters! Yes shapeshifters. They may very well be strong shadow energies, negative or positive in nature. Who really know? To date I have had the chance to deal with two confirmed shape shifters and one I am not sure if it was or not. However they obviously have no set form though the two we dealt with seemed to have a humanoid aspect and one or two other forms they seemed to seamlessly shift to and from. They are aggressive, forceful, dangerous and not to be dealt with by the faint of heart. I believe the are brought through portals or vortexes and they do not belong on this plane. Period. I have dealt with enough to know that they mean humans and other energies nothing but harm and oppression. We actually caught one on camera that short after it ran us through we were told it was a shape shifter. They are serious business.


Upon observation of the two we have dealt with each had its unique traits. The one we found on the “House on the Hill” was bound to location(by me in my most recent life)  and it shifted from a nearly eight foot tall human, very muscular, fast strong and intimidating that made it’s presence known almost immediately to a very large wolf. It nearly stood four feet from ground to back, it had a faint outline of the eyes while in wolf form and you could hear the growls that because of wind and the tree elemental toying with us we did not pick up by way of video or audio. This entity has grown to respect us as we kick the tar out of it energy wise so we could leave the site. It was actually blocking out path to get back to the car and we had no way around. Like I said very aggressive; it still roams around the location however I have the firm belief that it keeps other things from coming through the natural portal that exists in the area and that is the reason why it is still there.


The second shape shifter was found in “The tunnel” found in the Niagara region. People go there all the time, get scared away, see orbs, blue mists, hear train sounds and see apparitions. They however do not understand what they are dealing with. My partner and I heard or experienced most of these while there for our investigation and then some. However the point of this was that we caught a creature that looked like it was walking on all fours for a split second. However I think it stood about nine feet tall when standing on its own two feet. The details are not clear however the video clearly shows its not human, could be ET or ED. Whatever it was it was hostile, meant us harm and while I fended it off it had no attachment to anything that I could sense anyways. What was most disturbing about it was while reviewing and editing the video every time we(Adam and I saw it) the lights in the basement would dim, we would get the same feeling we had in the tunnel and my energies in my home would be on high alert. Coincidence that it all happens when we can see it… Do not think so. Next time we head down there I will be prepared properly on how to deal with it. Something like that is dangerous and should not be on the plane to effect our reality.


As you can see shadow people and shape shifters are not to trifled with lightly. If one does run into one in the field, steel yourself with whatever faith, armor, belief system and set in for the long haul. They do not give up easy and they have a lot of free time and energy to “play” as I got the feeling was happening while we were there. I have yet to run into a positive or neutral shapeshifter. I hope I do so that I can write about the positive experience. I have yet to try sage and such as a means to keep them away, we use pure energy work first then try alternate method when that fails. Regardless of the case when dealing with Shadow people or shape shifters great care must be taken to protect yourself from attachment, attack, harassment and a headache all around.