Classification: Extraterrestrials

This is a touchy subject however due to the extent of my
personal experiences I am comfortable writing about it leaving it all
for the world to read as I have done before. This will be a general
overview of my personal experiences and such regarding
extraterrestrial entities. It just seems a natural transition from EDs and
such to take this route. If any one has more specific question they
want it privately answered send me an email and I will do what I can to

Long story short, despite what any governing body may tell you… They
do exist. I have had run ins with well over a dozen different species
and classes of them to date and believe me they are nothing less than
fascinating. (BTW I am trembling horribly while writing this… I am
going to get myself into trouble with this. I look forward to the
experience. ) Even the most aggressive species are fascinating to see
what level of tech they have, their unique cultures, behaviors,
strengths, weakness, societal hierarchy, political systems and last
but not least agendas. Which to touch on? The beginning; what happened quickly that sent me on my path I am on today.

Back in 2007 I had a great couple years with learning things beyond my
years which to this day still astonish me with how bang on everything
is thus far. I have a very detail recount published on the internet
called “The experience of a life time.” Written under the alias “B”.
It is a recount of the two years that just recently I have recalling
details about things that are relevant. A couple of the highlights
though is the first contact I had, it scared the hell out of me. If I
only knew how to defend my then like I do now. Anyways something very
inhuman entered my house and actually breathed on my neck. To this day
no matter what resource I use I have yet to run into that species
again. They were not pleasant company to be in. That was the start.
The next thing I want to highlight is the molecule I was shown. I
honestly believe that it the key to helping humans understand
something we are not getting and I believe I may have figured it out.
Well the beginnings of it. Time will tell; I need time to test my
theories through energy work to see if I am on the right track.
Anyways enough of the boring stuff… If you want more look up my long
article I wrote a long time ago about them. Not light reading I must
warn you.

What species I have personally met? Seems like a simple enough question or
statement. Well as an energy worker I see them not only as living
being but they are capable of existing, traversing and operating on
multiple planes of existence if you will. Most are anyways. There some
that are very much flesh and blood like you and I. They exist on the
dimension or plane that we can see thus you get a lot of reports and
sightings about them. Take the shorter robotic like “grey” aliens for example(I forget their actual title) I only ever ran into one of these. Needless to say as much as they are
emotionless they are not without feelings or fear. It wasn’t too keen

on hanging around to see what I was all about. I must say something
though. “Grey” aliens(bad use of the word) do not like be called that.
Under that blanket of a title there is upwards of a dozen unique
species and classes of them. They get a little pissed when they are
called greys to their faces when they are Zeta reticuli, golden one,
invisibles, mantis and many more titles. They all have their unique
characteristics no matter how similar or different they may be.

Dracoids; mean bastards, believed to be dinosaurs evolved by many
groups out there. I have run into one to date and hope never to run into
one again. They see us as food, they are a very proud warrior race and
when they see a worthy adversary, they take that as a challenge.
The one I saw was for only a split second but usually when they are
showing themselves that means things are about to go down. Everyone
one knows about reptilians, I won’t talk to that species. They vary
however not all of them are out to drive humanity’s future into the
toilet…. They are like humans. Each group has its own ends. That
goes for all of them.

What are they doing here? That’s the million dollar question isn’t it?
That can be another article… Long story short prep for war, genetic
testing, experiments, observe us like we do monkeys and establish
bases here on this uniquely created planet and to see how we handle
ourselves or just here out of curiousity. There could be any number other reasons why they are here however that lends more to my get both sides of
the story before you make your decision theory.

When dealing with ET it is a far different ball game than anything
else. They have no attachments; they do plant trackers but no
attachments, depending on what race you are dealing with they need to be
dealt with in different ways. The main thing… Try your damnest to
not be afraid. Most races especially the greys feed off the adrenaline
gland secretions that come out of our pours when it happens. They are
like bullies for the most part. You stand up for yourself, be
confident and assertive and they will leave you alone… If they are
grey type. For the warrior based races you still need not show fear
but you must also be able to ruffle your feathers up. Like the birds
and peacocks do. Make yourself more intimidating without being
aggressive. The minute you are aggressive with any creature they
naturally fight back which only makes things worse. These races in
particular are very proud but intelligent, if they see you as a real
threat they will vacate the area; however do not be around when they
return as they return with help. Even though the greys are generally
not violent they still do have warriors that have a suit of armor that
they wear when going into combat situations. I could go on forever with what I know about extra terrestrials however I will leave it at this for the time being.

Regardless of what race, encounter, number of entities, size, shape, temperament or personality just remember to be confident, assertive but not to be aggressive. You could also just remain calm and got for the ride. Short of that have a 1000 watt microwave strapped to your back for all the non energy work individuals out there and you will be just fine.