Classification: Extradimensional beings

Todays topic kind of ties in with the first article I wrote. I want to elaborate a bit on why I personally do not call anything an Angel or Demon. Even though I draw a lot of knowledge off Tony my demonologist, I have come to a certain view point of in this topic. I have to give some background on this first before we just jump knees deep into this.


I used to have the traditional Christian perspective of hell/heaven and if one does not follow the bible like a good boy then you will have a run in with one of the devils or satan’s denizens. I grew up in the Roman catholic church, baptized, confirmed and all the other neat things that go along with that. The pinnacle turning point in that phase of my life was a week after I turned 18. My father always said once you turn 18 you do not have to go. I went because I liked the people there not really for the religious aspect of it. Some people need that hope and guidance in life. I was not one of them… not in that manner anyways. Our old priest that was a cool guy(you would not know he was a priest outside of the church) retired a few months prior to this; had left finally. The new priest ran through the service and this was his first service completely alone. He started his sermon with the bible over his head and yelled… not proclaimed or spoke… he yelled. I quote “If you do not follow this book word for word your soul will be claimed by the devil and you will spend all of eternity in Hell!” in a very heavy polish accent. I was among about 30 people that got up and have never returned to that parish ever again.


With that history being said it may seem I am anti religious. It is quite the opposite. I am more religious now than ever; the difference is I do not conform to any one vocation. It is a combination of many different views. Which brings me to my point of this article; Why do I not call demons and angels the above mentioned titles? Short answer is this. The only difference I have seen in what people see as “angels” or “demons” is the intentions towards other energies, good, bad or neutral. I have had the pleasure of meeting what the standard definition of “angels” are and they meant more harm or hindrance towards their subject and likewise “demons” that helped out more than any light being would of in a given situation.


I do not consort with any entity unless required (which happens quite a lot) however if I get a negative feeling off a particular entity I am a lot more suspect of its intentions and agenda. I had to put that because there will be a lot of people who will think I deal with black magic and such. I do not… period. I have team members who in previous phases of life have used it but we are all human. We make mistakes, besides as previously stated “light” and “dark” much like a positive and negative entity/intentions are subject to the investigators point of view. Nothing is solid in this business; everything is a shade of grey. If anyone tells you differently has not known the other side. As previously stated one must know the dark to know the light.


If one believes in things such as curses, hexes and such then there is another reason why I do not give things titles. If you give an entity the title of angel or demon then you will forever have this preconceived notion that it has a certain power, set of abilities or temperament. If you believe they are demons, angels, curse, hexes etc then they your subconscious mind will make them true even if there is no energy work or influence from another source. I have to mention something though, I have worked with some people who have claimed to be cursed and hexed. While working with them I did find very specific pockets of well placed and charged energy. When I followed the lines that connected them to the source I found a entity on the other end of varying sources in different cases that were influencing certain aspects of the subjects corporeal life here on earth. In one case even a human source which was quickly neutralized after the fact. She to this day still doesn’t like me and she never physically met me.


For all the demonologist and exorcists out there, I am not denying that there is evil or darkness out there in the energy work field, I am trying to say that a good portion of the time there is a peaceful solution to the situation that does not require banishing, dissolving or sending off the entity. Just talk to it, hear it out and a good portion of the time the entity will leave on its own accord.


Lastly what do I call “demons” and “angels” then? Two words; Extra dimensionals. This also encompasses everything else in between and this concept forces my team and I to sit down with the entity and deal with it on a personal level. Not just your bad and wave our hands to send it off. This also gives nothing power over us as well. It’s a two way street, it forces the entities to attempt heart felt, meaningful, sincere and yes sometimes violent communication.


Starting to understand where I am going with this? I am not trying to force things down people’s throat… I am however attempting to change a certain thought process that will be required to help with the next phase of the human existence. The movement away from the shoot first and ask question later mentality to a more of “Hi, I am Bret. What is your name? What do you want? What is your story?” way of thinking that can be applied across the board in every aspect of life; not just to energy work and paranormal investigating