Classification: Elementals – Earth and Water


First of all what is an elemental? Well if you ask some Wiccans and paranormal investigators they are just a theory that we give the energies that are around us; that they have a conscience, personality, free will and unique traits. Like humans as similar we are we are all unique to some extent the same goes for elementals and well just about any paranormal energy with the exception of residual energies. They just happen to have a specific event or energy tied to the location or item.


I guess we should start from the beginning… How are they formed? They are formed by various means. I have dealt with one or two that were “summoned” as they put it and they exist outside our realm unless something draws them into this realm. I have dealt with one that was created through a major natural event in the area of intense energy and someone died at the same time and there an elemental was created that way. It was essentially that individual’s personality transferred to the being without the memories of its past existence. It however behaved in a similar manner of its previous self without knowing it was. They can also be “born” in the environment naturally if the energies deem it necessary for protection or a watcher is required.


What do they look like? Honestly much like us we can all have the same name “human” as a species but we all vary in appearance. The same goes for an elemental regardless of type, species and temperament. For example a tree elemental which is a variation of earth element looks well… like a tree. However how many trees exist in the forest at one time and are there really any one exactly alike. I have yet to find an exact match in my walks and hikes. I guess you can say a tree elemental looks likes the trents or ents from the video games. They have bark for skin, they have some leaves and for the most part they are indistinguishable from any other tree unless they want you to know. They vary in size and body types from stumps to tall trees that wonder around the forest and through the bush seamlessly.


Ok, now on to some fine details. I am a neutral energy worker and I use all elements equally. However my go to elements are light and earth. Earth energy and elementals require a certain finesse to deal with. They are very hard to earn trust; however once you do you have a friend for life. Some walks of the earth elements are very aggressive and others not so much. Take the Brownie for example. They are little tricksters. They mainly interact with humans by play tricks on them, such hiding things, moving things in a poltergeist like fashion. They are very small; say six inches to one foot tall. However do not let their small size and stature fool you. They are extremely aggressive and powerful when cornered, crossed or pissed off. They seem to teleport short distances however it is due to them just be in a high vibrational state that they are really walking and we see them as moving extremely fast. However if you can get on the good side of one they bring an extreme amount of good influence into your life. They enjoy the grass the taller the better and certain flowers.


Gnomes: yes I said it. The popular game of World of Warcraft does a great job portraying these little guys. They are however a little bigger than their brownie counter parts. They stand anywhere from one foot to two feet tall. They generally are very chubby however not all of them are. They are extremely timid, extremely intelligent, and they take their time to even make their presence known. I mean like human lifetimes length of time. They are as old as the earth itself in some cases and they hold with them all the wisdom that the connection with the earth carries. They are not aggressive at all however they can call on dryads, animal elementals, animals themselves and tree elementals to defend an area or themselves if need be. They would much rather run away than confront a human whenever possible. They see most of us as unworthy of their knowledge and thus do not give us the time of day: unless they find something unique about you in terms of helping nature, animals or gardening and such. They are the caretakers of the forest generally. They help decide which trees and plants will grow and which wither off (according to my guides). If you can get on the good side of one you will be blessed with increased crops and good health and knowledge beyond your years.


Dryads or Nyads; these beautiful but deadly creatures or energies stand anywhere from three feet tall upwards to seven feet tall. They generally are the warriors as they have a sturdy frame, thick bones and muscular. Their energy work abilities both defensively are matched by their physical strength(that is if they decide to physically do anything to you). On the reciprocal of that they are generally very peaceful and cautious but not aggressive unless a reason for aggression is called for. They generally are a “female” gender as is easier to persuade men and women as a beautiful woman however the Nyad is the male variant of the Dryad and it has all the same traits just more masculine. They never venture out very far unless the call for battle is sounded by the gnome or brownies and the fiercely defend their home to the last breath. They look like Ent/Trents/Tree elementals however they are not. They fight viciously when they do and love and appreciate those who help with blessings of courage, confidence; not to mention your very own bodyguard for your household if it is in the woods where you meet it.


Trents/Ents aka Tree elementals. These peace loving energies manifest as trees and as previously stated they have bark for skin, very tall (as tall as trees in the area), they vary in appearance based on geographical region and they shy away from any sort of violence. They however are intelligent as they share an even more intimate bond with the earth than any other elemental. They are the eyes and ears of any region they inhabit. They are capable of communicating through the energies in the earth and when in doubt they make like a tree and leaf. You wouldn’t even know they were there… unless they wanted you to know they are there. I personally dealt with a Trent before. It has been around me my whole life and it caused havoc. It was not pleased with me(very long story) and had every right to do what it was doing. It now respects me and my team of course but it took some convincing.


Well even though I covered what I did, that is what was passed through me right now. I have ran into three of the major types of earth elementals to date. This list obviously is not anywhere near complete. As far as I can tell there is an elemental for just about everything, light, darkness, water, wind, fire, spirit, zero point energy etc.