Classification: Dealing with EDs

EDs or extra dimensional entities are extremely different than spirit
energies or human energies. The primary difference is between the two
is that spirits generally have an attachment to someone, place, object or
even to the earth itself. They cannot move unless they attach
themselves to something, one, place else. Generally… There
exceptions to this of course. I am just speaking generally for
arguments sake. EDs on the other travel by portals, foot, sometimes
attach when it’s something or someone they are attempting to influence
or feed off or even teleportation to some extent (so it looks like to
us… They may just move that fast due to existing outside our realm
of common perception.) Long story short, they have no attachments
without purpose. They in my theory encompass everything from
angels, demons, shapeshifters, even some forms of extraterrestrial
entities as well(Still working on finding proof or evidence to
support that theory of course.). They can also be positive, neutral or
negative in intention toward humans and even other EDs.

I have personally run into every type I mentioned. Some have been
pleasant and others no so much. I can only speculate on the many
hundreds or even thousands more there are in the many planes of existence.
What we can perceive is only about 1% of what actually goes on around us
at all times. Our heads would explode if they could process all the
information that we are subconsciously receiving. EDs exist in the
other 99% of what we can see or perceive. They are high vibrational
energies that indeed have solid forms, thought, personalities, likes,
dislikes; much like ourselves. They are unique energies, just
like us. Following that tangent; each ED regardless of species,
origin, vibrational level and personality have a unique way of being
dealt with … Some easier than others.

This all boils back to everything being a shade of grey. To truly deal
with these entities that have completely different set of morales,
conduct, combat tactics and lifestyles one must not think in the
singular confines of good or evil. Damn… There’s those two ugly
words again. What we may see as evil is just the EDs regular way of
life. Does it make it any less wrong? No. Does it mean you have to
treat it like the enemy when it could very well be a misunderstanding,
miscommunication or just a completely different thought pattern or is
different than the human norm? No. Do you embrace them with open arms?
No. Should one take the time to truly listen, be informed and trust
your instinct when dealing with them? I certainly do. That is part of the
success my organization and I share; we all treat everything with
that thought process and regardless of whether or not the entity is
“good” or “evil” you will have heard its story, its message, threat,
or its knowledge that it wants to impart. One would be amazed the
wisdom an entity that is thousands of years old can impart on anyone
if you just listen first, then make your decision.

Don’t get me wrong, if something was gunning at me I have no
objection to hitting it with everything I have and more often than not
draining every piece of electronics nearby in the process but that’s
always a last resort. I never shoot first ask questions later unless I
am given good reason to. Case in point comes from one of the first EDs
I tried this theory with.

For about a month I always saw this monkey following me around; this
coming after seeing dreams of a council of four however that’s a bit
personal for this. I was just fed up with this thing following me
home(which is why I barrier up my whole property now not just the
house.) And scaring my kid and just plain being a pain in my ass. One
day I took the time, captured it so to speak, listened to its story
and released it from the confines of its master and since then I have
a little monkey friend that gives me heads up quite often when
something really nasty is headed my way; which seems more and more of
an occurrence as of late. That is one of many of my personal
experiences, non violent in nature. I do have violent ones that I did
the evidence videos for but I dare not listen to the audio as dealing
with this nasty shape shifter and the other ED in the location were
really playing with us and trying to scare us off while fighting their
battle for the area. That type need to be hammered away and not take
the chances however we came to that conclusion after already having it
run us through while on investigation. It is a rare occasion it goes
down like that. By the way search for “the tunnel” on our YouTube
channel and you can see what has my team and I are on edge.

The morale of the story, don’t be quick to judge. If we did our
multitude of experiences would be very little as opposed to every day
it seems like some days. Do not be afraid to use force but don’t be
quick to do so. Take the time to listen, learn then take action with
an informed decision.