Articles and writings

Below you will find articles all written by Bret or anyone affiliated with Unique Perspective Metaphyiscal. Some are a little older thus will be written in a slightly different styles however it is all written, original content that anyone should find interesting!

  1. Classification : Spirits
  2. Light and dark… is there really a difference?
  3. Classification : Extradimensionals explained
  4. Classification : Extradimensionals – How to deal with them
  5. Classification: Extraterrestrials
  6. Classification: Shadows and Elementals
  7. Techniques:  Basic protection methods
  8. Classification: Earth, Water and Wind elementals
  9. The amazing affects of staying positive
  10. Techniques: Remote viewing
  11. Techniques: Remote viewing defensive measures.

The above links are to articles written by Bret some time ago. When he was working in a slightly different capacity. They still bear some relevance in his work today. Perhaps more will be added later.