Unique Perspective Metaphyiscal


Do you need any guidance, clarity or help with a specific question? Have what seems to be a negative energy in your home, business or around your person? Do you have something or someone who needs protection or detailed guidance? Do you need assistance with anything paranormal? If you have any of these concerns and just about anything else Bret may be able to help.


Bret founded Unique Perspective Metaphyiscal in July 2015 however this move transitioned from running a energy work based paranormal organization called Projectsiriusckw Pararnormal. While do that Bret hunted and took down some of the biggest and darkest creatures, energies and beings one could hope to find. That being said one cannot know the light without knowing darkness. That’s where UPM comes in.


With all his previous experience Bret brings with him a unique perspective to energy work that may not be of the typical energy worker. That being said he takes the time to learn the background of who, what and/or where he is dealing with before he makes any decisions about the best course of action to take to rectify the situation. He brings from that experience with tarot and rune reading, healing, protections, cleansings and location of objects and people. All of which can be done remotely over the phone, email or any other media should the need arise.


Bret strives to keep his prices reasonable with offering above reasonable services and energy work; to make it affordable to all allowing him the chance to help more people everywhere.









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