New year, new skills and new opportunities!

Hey everyone!


I sincerely want to wish to everyone a happy new year. This year thus far has ended up being a very positive phase of my experience. I have a few things I would like to share. First of all a little later this year I will be kicking things up a level or two as now is the time to hit the ground running… for my own good and that of everyone around me. This year already is shaping up to be a great one…


Here is some of the many reasons.

  1. I have booked my table at the Alien Cosmic Expo; I also have other great news. I have a half hour speaking spot. The schedule is yet to be determined but I will be speaking and perhaps having a presentation with photos and descriptions! I am super stoked about this. … I will be offering Rune/Tarot/medium readings as well as talisman and crystal sales. I will also be assisting with any and all experiencers and contactees whom may be in search of questions that they may have that conventional theories and understandings can’t convey.
  2. I have another show booked in April as well… Mindfulness Living Show. I will be offering my usual services and any guidance I can offer while there. It will be taking place on April 9 2017 at the Spice hall in Hamilton, Ontario. It is a wellness and holistic practice show. I am honoured to have been invited to this show. I am looking forward to this show as it will be close to home.
  3. I will be going ahead with planning and executing meetups, putting courses together, picking up on my case load for individual instruction(usually no fee unless costs are incurred at this time.).
  4. My book series I have wanted to start for a couple years now will be initiated. I met an author at a local show who would be willing to help me edit and preread my information. This will be a good challenge.

This will be an action packed year for myself personally. I have many life changes I am going through and I welcome them with open arms for the experiences they offer and the lessons to be learned.

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New year, new skills and new opportunities!

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