Great news!

Morning everyone,

Just wanted to take a second to apologize for being absent the last little while.. been very busy as of later with projects of all sorts and sources; never mind family stuff as well. I do sincerely hope this post sees all of you in good health and positive fortune. Now down to business.


I have booked a table at the CHC(Canadian Hypnosis Conference) taking place Oct 28 – 30 2016 and it will be located at the address below. That being said I had an excellent time at the Cosmic Alien Expo and this one has been organized by this individual for some time now. I am also working on a collaboration with my father who runs his hypnosis business. Stay tuned for details for that.

Burlington Holiday Inn & Conference Centre

3063 South Service Road Burlington, Ontario L7N 3E9 +1 (905) 639-4443
I sincerely hope to see all of you out there and thank you for your support in this pursuit as it is not always easy.
Thank you…
Great news!

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