New video up soon!


This is a video with a formal introduction of myself and what I do. You can expect more videos in the coming future as I intend to kick up doing weekly rune/tarot readings, How to’s and other topics I feel are important to the community. |check it out. I will also have a dedicated page for the videos as I get time to put it together.


4 thoughts on “New video up soon!

  1. G Farro says:

    i find ur video very soothing. i feel a strong connection with you. i believe i was sent here to find you.

    you talked about fighting the biggest and baddest things. i would like to hear more about this and how i can keep myself safe. do you have any experiences with extra terrestrials? I believe i had a recent encounter and they told me seek out a kindred spirit.

    please help me bret!


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